Creating your own business can be an exciting but daunting experience that can leave you confused and isolated.


We are dedicated to supporting young (18-30) aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and underemployed people in Hull and the surrounding areas.


HYST wants to support you on your journey and accelerate your progression. We provide space, advice and networking opportunities at affordable rates with an emphasis on flexibility.


We will offer on-going support and guidance in the early stages, with the aim of making your business commercially sustainable and successful.


We enable every young person to take responsibility of their own future and are willing to consider anyone with the drive and determination to run their own business.





At the beginning of your venture there can be a million questions going through your mind. We want to keep things as simple and as flexible as possible.


Within your incubation period you can rent your office for as long or short as you require with our flexible one-month rolling contracts.


Your monthly payment includes everything you need to operate your business. 


. Rent

. Internet

. Utilities

. Advice & Support








OneSixOne is based in Hull City Centre down historic High Street opposite the Museum Quarter.


OneSixOne is a Grade II listed Victorian building with a desirable HU1 postcode. The building comprises of 22 incubation offices, co-working spaces, virtual addresses, meeting rooms and communal areas.


We provide 24/7 secure access, so if you need to do an all nighter to meet a deadline? No worries.


It is important to feel that your business is safe and secure. The premises are monitored by CCTV cameras and all rented offices are fitted with room alarms and personal door codes.


We provide a manned office (hub) during the hours of 9.00am - 5.00pm weekdays, as well as access to communal areas including kitchens and a meeting room.


Using our tried and tested model of support, subsidy and growth, we aim to make your business self-sufficient within three years. By this time, you will be an established business generating returns, able to expand and develop.

Our advisors and partners will provide all the information you need to get started. We can help you with but not limited to:


. Writing a business plan.

. Financial forecasting.

. Planning a marketing strategy.

. Structuring your new organisation.
. Applying for funding.
. Making your business sustainable.
. Development of a move on strategy.

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Setting up your own business can be expensive and the responsibility of renting office space can add to that increasing cost. Our solution to this is that we can offer you subsidised rent for up to two years.



0-12 months you pay 50% of the commercial  rent*

12-18 months you pay 75% of the commercial  rent*

18-24 months you pay a low commercial rent**


Importantly. That's more money in your back pocket to reinvest somewhere else in your business. 



*Providing criteria is met.


**We want to give you a head start and accelerate your business growth so that by year 3 you are financially sustainable and able to fly the nest. 



We aim to become a collective for the most promising young entrepreneurs in Hull & East Yorkshire. We welcome most business types and want to establish an eclectic mix of start-up businesses.


Our ethos is to create a thriving community of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs that can network and collaborate. 


We can help you develop meaningful connections that make a real difference to your personal and professional development. 


These can include links to;


. Solicitors                                  

. Accountants                               


. Financial Institutions

. Training Providers


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