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Here's how we can help your business grow!

1. Got a business idea but need support developing it?

2. We provide support, space, networking & subsidised rates.

3. With the aim of enabling you to become financially sustainable with a 2 year period.

4. Your incubation period can last up to 2 years. This then allows the next generation of young start-ups to come through.

The Start-up Community
Hull Youth Support Trust
Established to accelerate the growth of young entrepreneurs & their start-up businesses 

OneSixOne is an incubation space created and established in 2016 by the Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST) a subsidiary of  the London Youth Support Trust (LYST). In 2020, Hull Youth Support Trust joined the HEY Smile Foundation family of charities.


The Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST) is a charity dedicated to supporting young (18-30) aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and underemployed people in Hull and the surrounding areas. Through our business incubation centre we will provide affordable premises for young business owners to work out of and to access business advice and support. 


If you’re starting a business, whatever your age, come and talk to us anyway, we are here to help.


For more information about The Hull Youth Support Trust. Click Here



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